ACA Mobile @HoGent

ACA Mobile @HoGent

ACA Mobile @HoGent 

On Thursday February 16, ACA Mobile Developer Yakup Kalin paid a visit to HoGent for a workshop on “Creating Mobile Apps and the F#ck-ups along the way”.

Yakup was invited to submerge the Informatics students of HoGent in the wonderful world of Mobile App Development. Through real-life examples, he introduced the development process of mobile applications to the students. And since ACA Mobile is known for using a Mobile App Development Platform (MADP), Appcelerator Titanium, part of the presentation focused on this topic too.

Afterwards, the most common mistakes during a mobile application journey were discussed by means of true “f#ck up” stories. Finally, Yakup explained the different options within mobile development (Web, Hybrid, Native) and the way in which choosing a certain option can influence the development process.

ACA Mobile @ HoGent Workshop