Mobile Data Analytics

Advanced mobile data of your solution give you the insights you need to excel.

Do you know how to…

Engage users

Engage users

  • Process feedback
  • Increase involvement
  • Know who is using your mobile solution

At ACA we focus on creating value, because we want to deliver mobile solutions that are used. Through our agile approach and mobile data analytics, we take all necessary actions to increase the involvement in and the usage of your mobile solution.

Measure impact

Measure impact

  • Understand the impact of changes
  • Get quick feedback with mobile data analytics
  • Iterative measurement process

Agile development is development through repeated cycles [iterative] and in smaller portions [incremental]. By continuously measuring the impact of changes on the user experience, we fine-tune your mobile solutions based upon usage and feedback.

Monitor performance

Monitor performance

  • Unfinished transactions analytics
  • User experience monitoring
  • Solution usage insights

Delivering a mobile solution is not only guaranteeing a stable and secure app, but also combining it with high-end performance and the necessary functions. Learn how to control your solution performance with advanced monitoring of your mobile data. 

Mobile data analytics drives better business decisions and increases performance.

Learn how to measure what matters.

Minimize waste & time

At ACA we want to maximize your value. Our proven S.T.O.R.M. approach will give you the opportunity to measure new ideas or learn how to revive and innovate existing mobile solutions. Minor details can make a huge difference when it comes to mobile engagement and experience.

User Experience (UX)

Mobile devices come with constraints: small screen, short sessions, single window visibility, … These constraints, however, also present a unique opportunity. A good User Experience is what separates successful apps from the ones without any impact.

Customer delight

People expect mobile to be as fast as their desktop. If not, mobile frustration increases and engagement decreases. Monitoring your performance with mobile data analytics is not just “nice to know”, but a necessity to ensure that your users are getting the experience they deserve.