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Mobile Transformation - Customer Testimonial

How we transformed the business of VAB Fleet Services


When the appraisal expertise of VAB Fleet Services was sold to the biggest leasing company in Luxembourg, the need arose to reduce the coordination overhead to a minimum. Since VAB Fleet Services has no appraisal experts in Luxembourg and it would be rather expensive to send people from Belgium, they started looking for an innovative solution to draft remote appraisals and decrease operational overhead.

Our solution:

As a premier partner of Appcelerator, ACA Mobile was able to help our customer and offer a solution that ticked all of their boxes and even more…

  • a high-quality, flexible mobile application
  • reduced time to develop new mobile apps
  • reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • fully-native mobile app
  • built-in Appcelerator Analytics
  • beta tools

VAB Fleet Services