Mobile App Hosting & Deployment

We can host your application in the cloud and deploy it to your devices and preferred app store.

Do you need a…

Continuous integration

Continuous integration setup

  • Automated quality coverage
  • Constant view on the quality of your solution
  • A mobile solution that fits your agile teams

You believe in the power of agile and therefore you know how important it is to maintain quality. At the same time, you need to justify the quality costs within your business!

Continuous deployment

Continuous deployment setup

  • Faster feedback from the market
  • Ability to act fast in case of emergency
  • Reducing overhead within your mobile team

You want to get your changes out there quickly and gather immediate feedback. You want to be able to act fast when you discover a security leak and maintain a secure environment…

Back end in Cloud

Back end in the cloud

  • A flexible and secure cloud environment
  • A scalable and highly reliable platform
  • A solution that meets all your requirements

You have an existing mobile solution, but you want a secure back end that grows along with the usage of your mobile solution and meets all of your business requirements…

As a mobile solution provider with 20+ years of experience,  

we know how to serve businesses like yours.

Agile practicer

For more than a decade, ACA IT-Solutions has been applying agile practices like Scrum, XP and Kanban. We tried and verified various team sizes, different cycle lengths, different formats for product and sprint backlogs, alternative testing strategies, etc. Now we combine continuous building, pair programming and test-driven development with Scrum.

Continuous quality

As an agile practicer and Atlassian partner, we strongly believe in the power of continuous integration and deployment. That’s why we fully automate the quality coverage and delivery process of your mobile solution. This ensures that your users will always be able to use and enjoy the latest features of your updated mobile solution, without any other timing issues.

Flexible back end

As an Amazon partner, we rely on the cloud in order to provide end-to-end security and end-to-end privacy. Our infrastructure is managed in alignment with standards and best practices. With AWS as a back end for your mobile application, your mobile solution will be able to grow along with your usage. No need to worry about performance and scaling your back end!