Whitepaper: 4 steps to creating a mobile strategy

Your team & customers are ready, but is your business ready for mobile?

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How can you build a long term, sustainable mobile strategy?

Exploration, Acceleration & Transformation

Mobile is transforming relationships with employees and customers. How does an enterprise create a mobile strategy that will get them the results the require quickly and provide a scalable plan for the future? How can you best enable this to happen?Companies now have a window of opportunity to think about how mobile can empower their business as radically as the web did.

Mobile Strategy Whitepaper Index:

  1. The Mobile Opportunity
  2. A model from the WEB
  3. Step 1: Decide how you want to interact
  4. Step 2: Prioritize your audience
  5. Step 3: Choose a scalable technology
  6. Step 4: Manage your mobile solution lifecycle

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