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Customer Relationship

It has never been more important to understand how to deliver a mobile experience. Learn how to improve customer relationships in 4 steps, by using our Mobile Relationship Lifecycle .

Digital Transformation

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A transformation into a digital organization is only possible if the organization itself is ready to make changes. In this roadmap we’ll go over the 8-Step process to becoming a digital organization.

6 layers of mobile security

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Securing mobile applications is complex. Having the right knowledge and tools will make the job easier. When securing a mobile application, there are 6 different layers of security that must be considered.

Mobile Strategy Whitepaper

Mobile Strategy Whitepaper

Mobile is transforming relationships with employees and customers. How does an enterprise create a mobile strategy that will get them the results the require quickly and provide a scalable plan for the future?

Mobile Trend Report 


In the survey’s starkest finding, nearly three quarters of developers (72.4 percent) say that getting mobile-optimized access to back end data is becoming the single greatest challenge to building apps.