Mobile Development

We build integrated mobile solutions for your business based on open standards and platforms.

Do you need…

mobile development

Faster time to market

  • Mature mobile development platform
  • Third-party modules
  • Open-source community

You believe in the added value of mobile application development platforms combined with re-using third-party modules and components. You need these to realize a faster time to market, but how do you avoid vendor lock-in?

Integrated Solution

Integrated solution

  • Third-party integration (CRM / ERP / WMS / …)
  • Corporate network authentication
  • Enterprise access control

A mobile enterprise boosts productivity and enables better decision making by offering accurate information from existing third-party solutions such as Salesforce, SAP, … How do you expose information with the required security measures?

Validated Deliverable

Validated deliverable

  • Multiple OS support
  • Multiple device support
  • Third-party validation

You want to improve the quality of your mobile apps by testing them on different devices from various manufacturers with varying specifications to simulate real-world environments? And you want to avoid any hard investment at all? 

An IT solution integrator with over 20 years of experience.  

We deliver value from day 1!

Open standards

ACA IT-Solutions strives to build its mobile solutions with open standards, using the best technologies in combination with expert people and a proven methodology. That is why you can count on us to deliver value to your mobile development projects from day 1, while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Enterprise solution integrator

As an enterprise integrator, we know how powerful it is to link multiple platforms and we are aware of the caveats that come with it. That’s why we are happy we can rely on an organization that is not only familiar with mobile technology, but also with the development and integration of custom enterprise solutions.

Strong partner

ACA IT-Solutions engages in strong partnerships with industry leaders, which enables us to stay one step ahead. Long-lasting, active partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. As an Amazon partner, we can rely on AWS device farm to validate your mobile solution on any existing device and OS from day 1.