Hippovibe Professional

Hippovibe Professional

Horse stable management with Hippovibe Professional

Hippovibe is a brand that just recently emerged because of a lack in the horse sector. Both stable managers and riders wanted to professionalize the stables and gain insights in the profitability of their horses. They needed a solution to keep track of the horse stable management and their most valuable assets, i.e. their horses, to do this.



A high-quality, fully native mobile application

During a previous collaboration with ACA IT-Solutions, one of the Hippovibe founders started talking about a mobile application for Hippovibe with the ACA Mobile team. Because of the expertise of our Mobile team regarding Appcelerator and MADP in general, the customer decided that we were the perfect partner for their mobile project.

The technology match between the Hippovibe web solution and the preferred ACA Mobile approach, namely the front end in Angular JS and the back end in Java, was an extra asset.

hippovibe mobile applicationHippovibe Stable Management

Hippovibe Professional

The ACA Mobile team and the Hippovibe team created the Hippovibe Professional mobile application together. The app allows its users to keep track of their horses and stables from everywhere. Stable managers and riders can change their schedule or check costs they made for maintaining their horses, whether they are at home, in the stables, on the other side of the world or driving a horse.

The Hippovibe application assists its users with:

  • Gaining insights in the TCO of every individual horse
  • Keeping track of the medical history of each horse
  • Easily scheduling appointments, tasks and reminders for every horse
  • Optimizing communication among the staff
  • Being available worldwide

HippoVibe application

Benefits of Appcelerator use

The ACA Mobile team used Appcelerator as a MADP platform for the Hippovibe application. The modular platform gives Hippovibe the opportunity to easily build new mobile apps in the future. They recognize that micro use cases are necessary to improve the user experience and can be easily realized by reusing the MADP building blocks.


Appcelerator App Preview

Allows test users to download a new mobile application through a simple email.


Reduced development time

Appcelerator increases the development speed through its cross-platform app development.


Easy, technological entry level for customers

Just write a code in Javascript and run your mobile application on multiple devices and OS (Android, Windows, iOS).


Fully-native mobile app

A native app ensures that stable managers and riders can quickly check on their horses on the road.


Extra features with added value

The platform includes full test automation to decrease testing time and improve app quality.


Built-in Appcelerator Analytics

Appcelerator offers added services with great value, such as push notifications, …


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