Nuhma – AfschakelAlarm

Nuhma – AfschakelAlarm

Native mobile solution, integrated with third-party data sources

Given the expected electricity shortage in Flanders at the end of 2014, it was important to inform the citizens about the power cut plan as clear as possible. We were requested by Nuhma (the climate company in Limburg) to develop a responsive web application in order to provide information about the expected power cuts in a timely and concise manner.


The Challenge

Building native applications that:

  • retrieve their data from an online platform
  • integrates third-party data-sources
  • informs the user of any upcoming power cuts via native push functionality.

The Solution

Our solution for Nuhma consists out of a website and 2 native mobile apps.

The website first of all acts as the main interface for Nuhma and provides a follow-up on the usage of their applications. This is combined with the possibility to manage core functionality: send custom notifications, updates on scheduled power cuts, … .
Secondly, the website functions as an informative medium for end-users and gives them the possibility to register or download the application.

We developed 2 native mobile apps that allows users to sign up, find their electricity cut-off zone(s) and indicate the frequency of alerts they want to receive. The applications are closely integrated with the backend of the website, to retrieve the latest information about the power cuts and make use of the native Push Notification functionality for the delivery of the alerts.

The website and REST API’s are developed and hosted on Google App Engine. This is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering from Google that allows companies to build and run web applications on the infrastructure of Google. The major advantage of this platform is its scalability: more server capacity will automatically be added or removed to the degree of application usage. This guarantees that, without the potential cost of extra hardware –which would be idle 90% of the time– , the application always offers a smooth user experience, even during peak demands.

Technology stack