Mobile Maintenance & Support Services

We support your mobile solution every step of the way and make sure it grows along with your organization.

Do you want to avoid…

Blocking issues

Blocking issues

  • Incompatibility with the latest OS upgrade
  • Incompatibility with the latest devices
  • Third-party integration issues

Sometimes your mobile application is not compatible with the latest devices and/or Operating System upgrades. Or a new update of your CRM, WMS and/or ERP system broke the integration with your existing mobile solution. Thanks to our large team of in-house experts we can get rid of any blocking issues.

Bad reviews

Bad reviews

  • Negative comments on the app stores?
  • Usability questions from your users?
  • Feature requests?

The development of a mobile solution is not just a one-time action. Listening to your users and processing their feedback is of key importance if you want to make a success of your mobile solution. Let us take care of the development, support, updates and maintenance, so you can focus on what really matters… your business.

Lack of new features

Lack of new features

  • Outdated look & feel
  • Untapped business value
  • Lack of latest technology

Mobile payments, beacon technology and swipe gestures are some of the latest (technology) trends and features that became available over the past year. They generate quite some extra use cases on how to create extra added value towards your mobile users. As mobile experts, we can guide and support you in this mobile jungle.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates


Our customers expect quality and that is exactly what they get from us. Our test-driven approach combined with a high degree of human expertise contributes substantially to the quality of the mobile solutions we develop. This correlates to the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of each mobile solution.

Mobile support that fits your needs

If your mobile solution is key within your company, you will need a mobile support organization you can rely on at any moment. That’s why we provide you with the needed SLA’s and custom procedures fitted to your business. This way, you can be sure that everything is under control, at any time!

Mobile technology partner

Monitoring reviews, processing comments and following up on analytics will result in added value for your users. On regular intervals, we offer you user feedback reports, suggest proactive changes and illustrate the business value of the latest technological evolutions. So you know your mobile solution is top notch!