Download your Digital Transformation Roadmap

and learn how to transform your enterprise in 8 steps


Roadmap: How to transform to a digital organization

The ACA Mobile roadmap was created to help business understand what a digital organization is and how to become one, following an 8-step plan.

The Roadmap

  1. What is a digital organization or transformation?
  2. How do you make a succesful transformation possible?
    • Step 1: Create a sense of urgency
    • Step 2: Create guiding coalitions
    • Step 3: Develop the change vision
    • Step 4: Communicate the vision
    • Step 5: Empower others to act
    • Step 6: Create quick wins
    • Step 7: Don’t let up
    • Step 8: Infuse the change into the corporate culture
  3. Ready to become a digital organization?

roadmap Mobile 8

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